You leave your hotel by public transport to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the locals. In addition, it will be an opportunity for your Buddy to give you more information about the organization of life in Bangkok. You will also get a glimpse of the city from above as the Bangkok metro is aerial and crisscrosses between buildings and traditional houses.
You then embark in a boat to join the town of Nonthaburi then Koh Kret, the oldest land of the Mons tribe who founded their village quickly became famous for its pottery.
Going up the Chao Phraya as far as Nonthaburi, you will be able to see the importance of inland waterways in Bangkok. You cross various districts of Bangkok and different periods: houses on stilts, luxurious hotels, historical monuments and temples pass along the way.
You arrive in Nonthaburi, a picturesque town and district at once. Here, no strangers. Not far from the harbor, you continue the visit to the typical market of the city. A sweet experience, high in color, in contact with the premises. You then take the Tuk Tuk to reach the wharf from where you will reach Koh Kret.
This timeless place is also very popular for its fruit tree gardens, picturesque markets and restaurants on the river. It is also the meeting place of the artists of Bangkok.
Finally, the island also has several historical temples scattered here and there. Some have characteristics of Burmese architecture. As you please, you will visit some of these temples to immerse yourself in the tranquility that reigns there.
Cycling on the island, discovering the local market and local life. Walk to the pottery village where craftsmen show the different stages of production to the public.
For lunch, your Buddy will take you to a very friendly and unexpected place!
An ideal day to make a trip in time, enjoy and taste the charms of rural life.
After exploring this picturesque island, you return to Bangkok by taxi or boat. The day will end at your hotel with unforgettable memories


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